2022 Wheeling & Heeling

Team Gibson

No one ever wants to hear the word Cancer. March 11, 2022 is a date that my husband, Tommy and I will never forget.  A MRI revealed cancer patches on his spine. Further testing identified it as Stage 4 Colon Cancer with bone metastases. The FIGHT begins. Since March, Tommy has battled through a hip replacement, bowel obstruction, stroke-like symptomatic marathon ER visit, pressure sore wound care, radiation and 5 rounds of chemotherapy! While working hard to get his mobility back, our one constant in all this is the wonderful care he receives from the caring Doctors and Nursing staff at the Cancer Care Center in Menomonee Falls! We cannot forget our loving families, friends and co-workers that are the lifeline that keeps us afloat. 
Dear friends, please join us in the FIGHT! We will be walking in a nearby Falls park as one UNITED Team Gibson on August 13, 2022. Walk, Donate or do both!

Thank you kindly, 

Chris & Tommy

Our team is participating in Wheeling & Heeling for Cancer!

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States and one of the most devastating of all illnesses. Every year, it claims the lives of more than a half million across the country. But cancer can be prevented and treated.

Please join us in support of those in our community affected by cancer, by making a donation. All proceeds benefit the Cancer Center at Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital, which provides total quality cancer care in a caring, compassionate environment. Thank you for your support!

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